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Skiderface V1 - Error1984 X TOK Collab


Skiderface is finally here to slaughter your wallet!! 😜

Skiderface is a collaboration we did with TOK back in 2019. We released a support variant that did amazing but the manufacture was not to are standards so we started shopping around until the right manufacture was able to produce this pin at its highest quality. Now we are here and these amazing pins are finally ready to ship out to our top tier collectors.

Pin details

Size 3.75" in width with 4 cloth post for extra pin support on vest , boards, etc….

Full glow in the dark
Epoxy coating
5 different variants

Please not only 4 variants will be available as the 5th was only given to customer during our pre order.

Shipping will be 7-10 Business days
Priority 2-3 day shipping available
Please note Weekends and Holidays we are closed
Any questions please reach out at [email protected]

Please note These are custom orders. Once you purchase the limited number variant, the number decreases in the store which let's our other customers know the variant is no longer available. For this reason we are not able to provide a refund. An exchange or credit for another pin or items in the store will always be available to you,

Delays can happen and we try to avoid that as much as possible, but with Covid 19 and the delays on things coming back to normal at a slow rate does not permit a guarantee on delivery time frame. We will always do our best to fulfill an order and if any delays happen or no movement is showing on the website please contact us asap to resolve.

Thank you!


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